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Any patients who on initial evaluation is found to be suffering from other sleep disorders (not sleep apnea)is being referred to have further evaluation and treatment. Our certified sleep physican and consultant psychiatrist will guide you regarding all the queries you have pertaining your diagnosis

Services offered in Sleep Medicine:



Circadian Rhythm sleep disorders

Shift work related sleep disorders

Sleep related movement disorders (tooth grinding/ limb movements in sleep etc.)

Parasomnias(Sleep walking/ sleep talking/ night terrors/ confusional arousals/ dream enactment etc.)

Excessive dreaming/ mightmares

   Non refreshed sleep/ daytime sleepiness/ easy fatiguablity/ lack of concentration

    Sleep problems secondary to any type of psychiatric/ neurological disorders

   Sleep problems secondary to any type of medical/ physical disorders

   Snoring/ obstructive sleep apnoea/ central sleep apnoea

    Resistant cases of obstructive sleep apnoea/ central sleep apnoea or those not amenable to standard treatment protocol

Nocturnal choking/ coughing/ abnormal sensations etc.